Chart of the Week: Funds in Market by Strategy – H1 2014

Value-added funds are seeking the most capital

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With the end of Q3 2014 around the corner, PERE Research & Analytics decided to take a deeper look at funds still in the market by strategy. Data from PERE Research & Analytics has revealed that a total of $216.1 billion is being targeted between 650 funds as of H1 2014. Value added funds make up the majority of funds in market, with over 250 funds targeting approximately $80 billion in capital, or roughly 40 percent. The largest value-added fund still in market as of H1 2014 was the TPG Real Estate II, managed by TPG, which is targeting $2 billion. 

Opportunistic funds are the second most popular strategy, with just under 200 funds targeting a total of $66.6 billion. Fundraising for the strategy has been typically strong since the financial crisis of 2008, with opportunity fund closing on a total of $15.9 billion. The largest opportunistic fund in market is the Starwood Distressed Opportunity Fund X, managed by Starwood Capital Group, which is targeting $5 billion to invest globally. Core/Core Plus funds round out the top three strategies in market with approximately 100 funds targeting $33.6 billion. Debt funds are targeting a total of $26.4 billion across approximately 80 funds as of H1 2014. So far in 2014, it was debt fundraising that led all strategies in capital raised, with an aggregate size of $18.5 billion being raised. The largest debt fund in market is the AgFe Floating Rate Senior Debt Fund, managed by AgFe, which is targeting £1 billion.