Chart of the week: Family offices and foundations predict the impact of stock market volatility

Almost half of those polled in the third annual family office and foundation private equity survey believe it will have a large effect on the PE market


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Now in its third year, the annual family office and foundation private equity survey, by Montana Capital Partners and Private Equity International, reveals the views and appetites of this investor group. 

The full report, which is available to download here, shows how family offices and foundations responded when asked whether the recent increase in stock market volatility would have a large impact on the private equity industry.

Almost half (49 percent) thought that it would. However, just 7 percent strongly agreed that this would be the case. Conversations with these investors revealed that many felt it would be a short-term blip, rather than a long-term issue.

Over a third of respondents neither agreed nor disagreed, suggesting that some remain uncertain as to what volatility will mean for the private equity market in the long-term. Moreover, 16 percent disagreed that the impact on the private equity industry would be strongly felt, with a number claiming that the influence will be small and will provide opportunities for investment. No one strongly disagreed that the impact on private equity would be large.