Brazilian bonanza

Declining interest rates and a growing economy are luring real estate investors to South America's largest market.

A QUICK GLANCESelected statistics on Brazil's economy and population, 2005E

Population 186,112,794
Population growth 1.1%
GDP $1.6 trillion
GDP growth 2.6%
Area (sq. kilometers) 8,511,965
Labor force 90.4 million
Unemployment rate 9.9%

OFFICE SPACESelected office statistics for Rio de Janeiro and São Paoulo

São Paulo Rio de Janeiro
Total stock (sq. meters) 4,965,700 2,465,600
Vacancy Rate 17% 9%
Take-up (sq. meters) 181,900 49,400
New stock (sq. meters) 49,600 9,100
Average lease rate R$38-R$75 R$50-R$70*