Blazing the Oregon trail

For more than a decade, veteran investor Oregon PERF has been following the best and the brightest.

Select fund commitments

Lone Star Fund V Global opportunity $5bn $270m
Rockpoint Fund 1 Global opportunity $1bn $50m
Fortress Fund III Global opportunity $1.5bn $125m
Fortress Deutsch. German opportunity $2bn $100m
Rockpoint Fund II Global opportuinity $1bn $100m
Aetos Capital Asia II Asia opportunity $1.5bn $75m

Portfolio Snapshot

First year invested in private equity real estate: Early 1990s
Fund geography: Global
Private equity real estate strategies: Core, value-added, opportunistic
Sectors targeted: Diversified
Total retirement funds under management: $49.5 billion
Total real estate assets: $2.8 billion
Actual allocation to real estate: 6%
Target allocation to real estate: 8%
Private equity real estate: 30% (of actual real estate allocation)