AEW retains Lewis

Ric Lewis, the chief investment officer of AEW Europe who decided last year to leave the business, is to set up an independent investment firm. However, he is staying on as advisor on key AEW funds.

Ric Lewis, chief investment officer at AEW Europe, and chief executive at its affiliate Curzon Global Partners is staying on with the firms as advisor who will run key funds.

Investors were informed last year that Lewis would be leaving the business in 2009. However, sources say AEW is retaining the high profile fund manager as an advisor on investment vehicles including a 2004 value added fund, European Property Investors, and European Property Investors Special Opportunities, which raised €800 million last year and which has made three investments to date. At the same time, Lewis is thought to be setting up an independent investment management company.

As PERE reported last year, AEW, which owns London-based Curzon, rebranded in the summer and subsequently restructured, handing more control over key business issues to AEW’s headquarters in Paris. AEW is owned by French firm Natixis, which is in turn owned by two French banks, Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire.

Massachusetts-born Lewis was responsible for establishing the European platform for AEW in 1999, naming it Curzon Global Partners after the street of its West London office at the time.