2020 Global PERE Awards: Nominations revealed

Our annual awards remain the highest profile accolades for the world’s private real estate markets.

They are decided purely by the industry, and the competition for the 68 categories in this year’s awards is fiercer than ever, with more than 400 submissions sent to our team of journalists and researchers to wade through over the last few weeks.

Determining which firms and people deserved to be nominated in 2020 was an extremely challenging task for us. But now the challenge is for you, PERE’s loyal readers, to tell us which of the firms and people nominated deserves to win.

You have until 11:30pm PT, Friday, January 8, 2021 to cast your votes.


  • You may only vote once per category.
  • You may not vote for yourself or your own firm.
  • You are not required to vote in all categories; simply vote in those that are of interest to you.
  • All votes are confidential.
  • Block votes will not be counted.
  • You need to leave a company email address and agree to the survey terms and conditions for your votes to be eligible.
  • Personal email addresses, such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo addresses, will not be counted.

It has been a highly difficult year for many in the private real estate industry and the world at large. No doubt, votes will be cast with this context in mind. Nonetheless, to reach the end of the year and review all the great work completed by the men and women in the sector, in the face of such adversity, was a treat for us at PERE.

We trust you will share in that sentiment when you sift through the categories and cast your votes. So, without more ado, it is time to get voting!