2016 Global PERE Awards: We need your vote!

We’ve already heard from more than 2,050 respondents so far. But have we heard from you?

We are nearly halfway into the voting period for the 2016 Global PERE Awards. We would first like to thank the more than 2,050 respondents that have taken time out of their busy schedules to cast their votes. With just three weeks left, however, we would also like to remind those who have not yet voted to please do so HERE.

Within the votes we’ve collected thus far, a few tight races have emerged in a number of categories. These include North American Industry Figure of the Year, with Peter Ballon of CPPIB, Doug Harmon and Adam Spies of Cushman & Wakefield, Ted Eliopoulos of CalPERS and Tyler Henritze and Nadeem Meghji all in close contention with one another; while CPPIB, CalPERS, GIC Private and Ivanhoe Cambridge are neck and neck for the North America Institutional Investor of the Year category. It is also a toss-up between Aberdeen Asset Management, Brockton Capital, Delancey and TH Real Estate for the UK Firm of the Year.

Your vote could make all the difference in determining which person or group ends up taking home the prize in these and other categories. As we head into the holiday season, the next three weeks are going to fly by, so please make yourself heard before time runs out.

Just to cover the ground rules one more time: vote from your company email address only; do not vote for yourself or your firm; only vote once; and you do no need to vote in all categories, but please do so in as many as possible. Voting closes at midnight PST on Thursday, January 5, 2017. So fill out those ballots now!