2016 Global PERE Awards: Tight races across the globe

With the poll closing at midnight tomorrow, don’t miss your chance to help pick the big winners for the annual awards.

After turbulent political seasons worldwide, readers understand that every vote counts – in referendums, elections and, with a number of tight races underway, the 2016 PERE Global Awards.

With just over a day left before voting closes for 43 categories, the possibility of several surprises remains. Even after close to 7,000 votes have been cast, readers are still divided on big-picture questions such as Global Institutional Investor of the Year. China Life, Bayerische Versorgungskammer, GIC Private and Ivanhoe Cambridge are all strong contenders for the title – as evidenced by a race in which the two leaders are separated by just 19 votes.

Regional races are also tight, with the same Investor of the Year category up for grabs in both North America and Asia. In North America, the leader holds onto just a third of the vote – enough leeway for a surprise from anyone this week – while in Asia, the spread between first and third place is currently only 29 votes. The North America awards categories have no shortage of unknown outcomes, with six close races making the winners anyone's guess.

Not to miss out on the European side, the Capital Raise of the Year race is proving tough to predict, with Brockton Capital, CBRE Global Investors, KKR and Universal-Investments putting up a fight to the end.

Voting closes January 5 at midnight PST, so fill out your ballot as soon as you can. Please remember that you cannot vote for yourself or your organization, and such votes will be disqualified.