Webcast: Bill Schwab’s take on today’s challenges for real estate credit

The chief executive officer of LCI Investment and former global real estate head of sovereign wealth fund Abu Dhabi Investment Authority describes a property lending market in need of significant rebasing.

With the global private real estate market in the grips of the current coronavirus crisis, there are plenty of issues for private real estate credit lenders and borrowers to contemplate. Bill Schwab, the chief executive officer of LCI, tells PEI’s real estate senior editor Jonathan Brasse about the need to re-underwrite real estate, a trifurcated lending market prevailing and a new real estate debt fund management universe replacing the old.

To be among those not ‘picking up nickels in front of a steamroller’, as per Schwab’s analogy, both sides of the credit equation need to accept repricing will not happen until they realize the a slow growth and long slog is on the cards for both sides.