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Large and complicated repositioning and refurbishment projects in China’s major cities offer strong return prospects, says GoHigh Capital’s Josh Zhou
Chinese renters need professionally managed residential, says Funlive’s CEO, Keith Chan
Participants in PERE’s Europe roundtable consider the best method to deploy capital in an expensive and undersupplied market.
Indian industrial real estate continues to grow, says Everstone Group real estate vice-chairman Rajesh Jaggi.
Harrison Street co-founder Christopher Merrill discusses 'real estate people need'.
Greystar is aiming to harness investors’ appetite for international exposure to the rental residential sector, says founder Bob Faith.
Even at a late stage in the cycle and with global growth slowing, real estate retains a strong appeal to investors, says Savills Investment Management’s Alex Jeffrey.
Henderson Park founding partner Nick Weber talks capital raising.
This article is sponsored by Madison International Realty What have been the key events for your firm over the past 12 months? We invested almost a billion dollars of equity in 2019. We have had one of the best investment years in our history but executed it in a way that was very methodical, based […]
Dale Lattanzio explains why alternative lenders are becoming more popular in the region’s private real estate investment market

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