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The recent bidding war over Town & Country shows how popular multi-family properties have become among real estate investors.
Mark Weisdorf, who oversaw $5 billion in private equity commitments, sees even bigger opportunities in infrastructure.
As it closes its fifth fund, private equity real estate firm Lubert-Adler has found value in the ground beneath distressed retail outlets.
Private equity real estate firms are diving head first into the luxury hotel market—will they be able to emerge from their palaces of champagne and caviar intact? By Paul Fruchbom
THE 4 FOOD GROUPS 2006-03-01 Staff Writer <strong>RETAIL A new era for Nigerian shoppers</strong><br /> No one said building a world-class shopping center in a third-world country was going to be easy. And in Nigeria, where a corrupt government, violence and crumbling infrastructure have p
Martha's world 2006-03-01 Staff Writer Things have not been going well for Martha Stewart lately. Forget the time she spent in jail last year for lying about her role in a stock deal. Her latest book, “The Martha Rules,” released in October of last year, is enjoying tepid sales—it is currently number 6,533 o
Oslo affords 2006-03-01 Staff Writer Norway has a lot to be proud of these days. Though the country's highly regarded biathlete— highly regarded, at least in Norway—Ole Einar Bjoerndalen failed to repeat his record-setting feat of four years ago, when he captured four gold medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics,
Say goodnight to Bowery 2006-03-01 Staff Writer New York City is known throughout the world for the music it has produced: be it Phil Spector, The Velvet Underground or the numerous genres created in the outer boroughs during the 1970s, from LL Cool J and Run-DMC to the New York Dolls and the Ramones. It was
On the contrary 2006-03-01 Staff Writer In his book, <italic>“Letters to a Young Contrarian,”</italic> Christopher Hitchens pens advice to a fictional protégé, offering a series of dispatches on how to “live at an angle to the safety and mediocrity of consensus.”<br /> <br /> Today,
Los Angeles-based Leonard Green & Partners has agreed to buy The Sports Authority, offering $1.3bn to take the sporting goods retailer private.

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