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Private equity has had a great run investing in UK pubs, but can the trend continue? By Philip Borel
Pinnacle Entertainment ups the ante in a fierce bidding war for the casino operator, showing the renewed aggression of corporate buyers.
The North Carolina-based firm is building the first “greenhome” in a suburban area—and one of its directors will be its first resident.
Opportunity fund managers are increasingly spinning out of larger institutions to launch their own private equity real estate firms. Will their solo acts strike gold? By Paul Fruchbom
THE 4 FOOD GROUPS 2006-05-01 Staff Writer <strong>RETAIL<br /> Go directly to jail, do not pass go</strong><br /> Downtown Brooklyn may be a hot location for real estate these days, but residents may not have realized just how hot it was until recently: The city is currently thinkin
Proof's last rap: get a house 2006-05-01 Staff Writer To many, rap music represents the antithesis of responsibility. The genre often glorifies violence, drugs and petty vendettas. But many rap fans are quick to point out that the music can have a positive message as well, and one fan was willing to put his
Broken record 2006-05-01 Staff Writer The race to turn every building in the US into condominiums might have claimed its latest victim: Earlier this year, rumors began circulating that the iconic Capitol Records tower, located at Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, could be converted into condo
The Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) publicised its 2005 investment performance, which was buttressed by strong growth in its alternatives portfolio.
Lightyear Capital, Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking and hedge fund West End Capital are the latest to make a play in the reinsurance space, launching Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings with $715 million.
CAPITAL WATCH 2006-04-01 Staff Writer <strong>FUNDS IN MARKET/COMING TO MARKET</strong><br /> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>FUND</strong></td> <td><strong>FIRM</strong></td>

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