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NPS seeks new CIO

The South Korean pension fund has kicked off the hunt for a chief investment officer.

CalSTRS CFO Robin Madsen to retire

Madsen steps down after 9 years with the US public pension.

Newport seeks real estate managers

The Rhode Island pension fund is looking for managers to run $10 million.

CalSTRS commits $200m directly with an emerged manager

CalSTRS increases exposure to diverse real estate managers.

UMich approves $15m in commitment

The Endowment has backed an Asia-Pacific focused fund.

Austin Police seeks new investment consultant

The US public pension has issued an RFP for a consultant for all private asset classes.

City of Fresno reups with PCCP

The $3bn US public pension commits to North American equity real estate fund.

Montana Board of Investments approves $90m in commitments

The US public pension has backed three North America-focused funds.

Alaska Permanent Fund issues RFP for new real estate consultant

The $65bn US sovereign wealth fund seeks a consultant for its underweight RE portfolio.

LACERA recommends $50m commitment

The $55.8bn US public pension backs an Asia-focused fund.