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The New York-based firm’s latest vehicle is effectively a non-traded REIT within a 1940 Act wrapper, but the wrapper is where the innovation lies.
Predictability and stability are what managers look for when selecting a jurisdiction for their latest vehicle. But that does not mean the domicile universe is set in stone.
As the onshore/offshore debate intensifies, the Caribbean jurisdiction has issued new private fund legislation to align with its peers.
The cities are launching new structures in the competition to be the regional funds hub, as Singapore backs flexibility and Hong Kong moots a carry tax cut.
The jurisdictions enjoy a reputation as proven, predictable, light-touch regulatory regimes and are charting a new course into a post-Brexit world.
The pandemic has brought both active relief from regulators and greater unknowns and risks for private funds’ compliance teams.
Sitting at the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy is the king of European domiciles and grabbed first-mover advantage after the Brexit referendum.
Long-awaited amendments to the country’s limited partnership legislation could reshape the international fund domicile landscape.
The second smallest state in the US is a powerhouse for fund domiciliation thanks to its regulatory and tax environment and a pool of third-party providers.
The firm has halted trading for both incoming capital and withdrawals in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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