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Quotable 2005-09-01 Staff Writer <bold>“I really didn't think it could be possible, or as easy as it was. I repair houses all day anyway, and figured I might as well start making some real money.”</bold><br /> <br /> - Wayne Carney, a professional handyman and “self-described Averag
Founder & chief executive officer Cherokee Investment Partners
Cherokee Investment Partners find value where others find toxic waste. By Torrey Kleinman and Aaron Lovell
Hope - and the world's tallest building - springs eternal in the welcoming sands of Dubai.
A Morgan Stanley-led group is looking to develop Wal-Mart-anchored malls in Shanghai.
Rents in central Europe have stabilized, meaning the region isn't as lucrative as it once was.
The UK private equity firm has formed its own hospital chain after acquiring nine properties.
Over the last few years, the European real estate market has seen a significant influx of Middle Eastern investment.
Develica hopes to build superior returns from the ground up, one brick at a time.
After the GoogleIPO, the search engine's employees are hungry for real estate.

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