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Two industry veterans have launched AneVista Group to invest in small format, last-mile retail investments, despite waning institutional investor appetite and growing headwinds facing the sector.
Strained geopolitical relations have pushed Chinese foreign direct investment in private real estate to historic lows. Yet, as Arshiya Khullar finds, not all Chinese investors are stopping their activities in the West.
The sale of the Oceanwide Center in San Francisco has put the spotlight on how Chinese investors are offloading their overseas real estate holdings.
fundraising downturn
Many firms are seeking ways to secure dry powder in the event of an economic slowdown, but these tactics do not always benefit investors.
Chinese property sales were expected after strict capital controls were imposed by Beijing. But buyers hoping for bargains are being left disappointed.
The vehicle fell short of its predecessor’s $2bn close.
The pension system re-committed to two firms’ equity and debt funds in the fourth quarter of 2015.
The pension system cut its future allocations and reclassified real estate in an effort to improve the asset class’s risk/return profile.
The Los Angeles-based real estate investment manager has amassed to date roughly a third of the target for its latest real estate debt fund.
The new offering will be the first vehicle that the Los Angeles-based real estate investment manager will raise as a public company.

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