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10 years since Lehman

The other side of the recovery

The return of private real estate fundraising for closed-end vehicles following the global financial crisis has already peaked, according to PERE research, with annual capital-raising aggregates and the number of funds raised on the decline since 2015.

‘Like the end of the world’: How Lehman crashed the real estate lending market

When Lehman Brothers failed, banks’ real estate lending units pulled down the shutters. The implications are still being dealt with a decade later.

Poster children of the crisis

The global financial crisis hit property markets the world over, but some transactions weighed on events – or were shaped by them – more than most. PERE picks 10 that had the biggest impact.

Luck, judgment and money: who made the most of the recovery

A handful of organizations found they were unencumbered by their pre-crisis dealings, able to recognize bottoming conditions and could access the capital to get investing again. They became the post-crisis winners.

DOWNLOAD: Life after Lehman

The impact of the global financial crisis for the real estate sector was first shocking, then painful and, finally, educational.

The Lehman diaspora

The fourth largest US investment bank at the time of its bankruptcy had upward of 25,000 employees.

When the world stopped: How the crisis changed private real estate

A decade after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the private real estate industry has been reshaped by tough lessons learned.

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