StepStone absorbs Clairvue, pushes into RE secondaries

The addition of Jeff Giller, Brendan MacDonald and Josh Cleveland has catapulted StepStone into the real estate secondaries sector.

The StepStone Group continues to grow its secondaries presence, having now absorbed the team of real estate-focused Clairvue Capital Partners and launched StepStone Real Estate.

StepStone began its secondaries practice in 2008 and has grown by leaps and bounds since: it acquired secondaries upstart SilverBrook Private Equity in 2010 and last year acquired UK-based peer Greenpark Capital, after Greenpark struggled to raise capital for its fourth fund. Clairvue broadens StepStone's reach as it is a real estate investment firm that has created investment portfolios in the US and Europe through commingled funds, co-investment funds and managed accounts.

Clairvue's founders – Jeff Giller, Brendan MacDonald and Josh Cleveland – previously worked together at real estate secondaries firm Liquid Realty Partners, and they've all been named partners at StepStone, with Giller leading StepStone's real estate efforts. Clairvue principal John Waters and vice president Rachael Brittingham also have joined StepStone, according to a statement.

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