April 2019 issue

    Strength and stability will prevail

    Trade wars and slowing growth dominate the China headlines, but investors are more concerned with long-term drivers of real estate demand, which remain attractive.

    Holding out for a bleaker tomorrow

    Oaktree’s real estate boss John Brady suspects the next cycle of distress will relate to credit taps being turned off. But, as he tells PERE’s Arshiya Khullar when and where that happens is anyone’s guess.

    Do private real estate M&As work?

    While the success rate of such deals can be a point of contention in the industry, several factors can help to determine a transaction’s outcome.

    A lawsuit against Blackstone threatens Italy’s market prospects

    Arbitration from a disgruntled seller threatens to upend not only a €250m office sale in Milan, but the whole country’s investment viability.

    If these walls could talk: Making headlines on the Via Solferino

    The headquarters of Milan’s top newspaper has become an integral part of the city’s history, but the most interesting story might soon be written.

    ‘Brook-tree’ is an outcome of what the money wants

    Both institutional investors and equities shareholders have been pushing for consolidation in private markets in a bid to stabilize profits.