February 2016 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2016

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    GUEST COMMENTARY: Where did all the bankers go?

    Real estate investment banking is suffering a brain-drain when it needs greater numbers, Caroline Gibson, real estate head at recruitment and advisory firm Alderbrooke, writes.

    INDIA ROUNDTABLE: Waiting game

    India’s real estate market continues to face hard times but participants at the PERE India roundtable say green shoots of recovery are now visible.  

    EUROPE NEWS: Ties that bind

    As Japanese and other Asian institutions look to European real estate, Schroders’ property team has been quick off the mark to develop relationships.  

    Guest Commentary: The Force reawakens

    With order restored in the Republic of India, the country has seen the return of investors and the rise of new real estate trends, says Ravi Hansoty, head of Asia Pacific at Equity International.  

    BLUEPRINT: The agile investor

    Few private equity real estate professionals can maneuver through a crisis like HSI’s Maximo Lima.

    EUROZONE: Taking the high street

    European retail is set for a banner year as investors head back to the high streets

    STATESIDE: A matter of priority

    BlackRock’s pick for the head of its new real assets group could potentially undermine its real estate business – unless the executive prioritizes right.

    EUROPE COMMENTARY: Positive pipelines

    While there is heavy demand for European commercial real estate, the region has the supply to match, explains Jason Oram, partner at Europa Capital.

    EUROPE NEWS: Man of the moment: Karsten Kallevig

    NBIM’s new real estate CEO is charged with overseeing a significant expansion while managing return expectations.

    EUROPE NEWS: Making the grade

    Harrison Street plans to build up a European student housing business before adding other niche strategies to its first overseas office.

    IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK: Tower of optimism

    Brookfield Asset Management has purchased part of Berlin’s huge Potsdamer Platz development, including the Kollhoff-Tower, one of the jewels in the portfolio’s crown.


    Hedge your bets Jonathan 2016-02-01 Brasse In this tricky time for private real estate investment, it will be the folk able to successfully navigate the supposedly fringe elements of a transaction that are likely to gain an advantage. And one increasingly important area for both sides of the ca

    SPECIAL REPORT: Don’t call it a setback

    After weathering its post-crisis wind-down, AIG Global Real Estate faces its latest challenge: convincing the industry that it is still in business, despite a new round of cuts.  

    EUROPE NEWS: BVK’s European shopping spree

    Germany’s biggest public pension fund manager wants European high street properties. It has backed Hines’ European arm to the tune of €660 million to deliver the strategy.

    ASIA VIEW: Cleaner hands

    Investors in the Trophy Property Development Fund will see 0.75x equity returned, a better outcome than previously feared.  

    ASIA NEWS: The real Middle East crisis

    More than escalating political strife, it is plunging oil prices that stand to mar the Saudi Arabian and other Middle East economies.  

    ASIA NEWS: Shanghai surprise

    China has begun 2016 with unexpected stock market volatility and currency swings.  

    ASIA NEWS: Tapping into Africa’s potential

    Delegates at PERE’s first Middle East and Africa-focused conference spoke of the increasing investment scope in the continent.  

    ASIA NEWS: A new avenue

    Thailand’s first listed real estate investment trust with foreign assets will open up the global real estate markets for domestic retail and institutional investors.  

    AMERICAS NEWS: Employee retention secrets

    How to keep junior employees engaged has been a topic of discussion for emerging firms.

    AMERICAS NEWS: A permanent home

    Legg Mason is poised to be a very different parent for Clarion Partners than its previous owners.

    AMERICAS NEWS: A boon for some

    Recent changes to FIRPTA will benefit one big group of foreign investors, not all.

    FEATURE: A hedge of the game

    Capricious FX markets across the globe are causing property investors to think long and hard about mitigating currency risk. Some are even trying to take advantage of the volatility.