March 2014 Issue

    SPECIAL REPORT: The white knights of PERE

    Despite the numerous challenges, the allure of saving a disastrous fund has proven irresistible to private real estate firms both big and small. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue.

    SPECIAL REPORT: Core crossover

    After two decades of investing in opportunistic real estate, Blackstone now is looking to go big in the core segment of the market. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue 

    BLUEPRINT: Masters of the growth curve

    David Southon and David Harrison have transformed Charter Hall from a mid-sized manager into a diversified real estate investment powerhouse by attracting international investors and refocusing the business. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue.

    FEATURE: Lending in limbo

    Banks are becoming more active and more aggressive debt providers but, with impending regulations threatening to curb risky financing, the future of the lending landscape remains unclear. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue.

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: The sweet smell of succession

    With the senior management of a number of firms approaching retirement age, succession planning has become a hot topic, but not every firm is proceeding accordingly. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue


    Although France has yet to solve its structural problems, core office investment in Paris remains buoyant, prompting some to ask whether now might be the right time for opportunistic investors. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue.  Sponsors: AEW Europe Altarea Cogedim CBRE Capital Markets STAM Europe

    EUROZONE: Welcome to CEE distress

    How a firm backed by a former Lehman Brothers chief is raising capital to invest in the overlooked markets of Central and Eastern Europe. PERE Magazine March 2014 issue

    EUROPE NEWS: The €500 million man

    Besides core, Bouwinvest is contemplating more opportunistic and value-added investments. PERE magazine, March 2014 issue

    EDITOR'S LETTER: The core question

    PERE Magazine March 2014 issue

    ASIAVIEW: The thought that counts

    The launch of a private equity real estate fund in South Africa once again poses questions about social impact investing and how much that should matter. PERE Magazine, March 2014.

    ASIA NEWS: Different route to the same place

    Private equity real estate firms in China are evolving their strategies from making straight equity investments with developers to offering them varying forms of financing. PERE Magazine, March 2014.

    ASIA NEWS: CPPIB’s Indian hand

    Having made its second commitment to private real estate in India, the Canadian investor now is awaiting results. PERE Magazine, March 2014.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Wholly Union

    Germany’s Union Investment is putting the US front-and-center in its global real estate expansion plans. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Building a new legacy

    The former senior management team at Thomas Properties hopes to build off its legacy with its new firm, Coretrust. PERE Magazine, March 2014 issue