February 2014 Issue

    Month: February
    Year: 2014

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    EUROZONE: The trickle-down effect

    Now that the major pan-European funds are done raising capital, expect the smaller, more focused funds in market to benefit this year.  

    EUROPE NEWS: The consultant cometh

    One of the best-known US institutional real estate consultants has just hired its first Europe-based employee

    FEATURE: The 25 percent rule

    Under Solvency II, insurers must hold a capital buffer for real estate investing, but this may not necessarily curtail their appetite for funds. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Talkin’ bout a revolution

      An investor panel featuring Stuart Bernstein of Texas Teachers described the challenges facing new managers – and how LPs can help. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue      

    SPECIAL REPORT: KKR casts its die

    With its first dedicated real estate fund, the New York-based buyout giant has set the tone for future vehicles. PERE Magazine February 2014 issue.

    TRIBUTE: Remembering a titan

    Anne Pfeiffer, who ran the largest core real estate fund in the US, was known for being tough but likeable. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue

    FEATURE: Pouncing tiger, cautious dragon

    China is falling behind India in in the race to create a REIT framework due to some political blocks its rival does not have. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue.

    EDITOR'S LETTER: Pendulum of power

    Pendulum of power Robin 2014-02-01 Marriott Pendulums are an interesting thing. The idea is that, at equilibrium, gravity dictates there is a perfect balance between left and right. However, if some exterior force is applied, it swings more to one side. That is not a bad analogy for the ‘po

    EUROPE NEWS: Mr Fund Structure

    David Ryland, the top-rated UK real estate lawyer, talks about his move to Paul Hastings and the way fund structuring has evolved

    STATESIDE: Lagging indicator

    Global institutions increasingly are becoming under-allocated in real estate. This eventually may give them the losing hand at the negotiation table. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue

    BLUEPRINT: Greener pastures

    Three former Westbrook executives are finding their groove – and success – with their own investment firm, Meadow Partners. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Hard-core risk

    Norges Bank has formed four US real estate JVs in less than a year, running the risk of strategic overlap. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue 

    EUROPE NEWS:La Banque growth

    How one French bank-owned asset manager is bulking up in Europe. PERE magazine, March 2014 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Entering the next phase

    Bob Sessa of Texas ERS discussed the success of its emerging manager program thus far and how the pension plan will vote to introduce ‘Phase II’ of the program this month. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue

    FEATURE: Don’t bank on it

    A final standard emerges for the way banks should treat their investments in private funds. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Early mover advantage

    Being first helped HSI pull off the biggest real estate exit in Brazil’s history. Now, it is helping the firm to get through the country’s economic slowdown. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue

    ASIAVIEW: The oversubscription problem

    While a late stampede by investors into a fund may be considered a good problem to have, issues can arise if it isn’t handled correctly. PERE Magazine February 2014 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Starting with the big one

    BlackRock has sold the first portion of the largest investment it inherited when it acquired Asia- and Europe-focused MGPA last year. PERE Magazine February 2014 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Mission aborted

    The resignation of Asia head Grant Kelley from Apollo’s property platform is the latest chapter in the story of the firm’s dwindling presence in the region. PERE Magazine February 2014 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Global domination at hand

    Blackstone is just $900 million away from matching the largest fundraise for a private real estate fund in Asia. PERE Magazine February 2014 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Good morning Vietnam

    The prospects for Vietnam’s Vung Ro Bay improved last month after it was announced that a Rockefeller-backed firm would be investing in the former battleground. PERE Magazine February 2014 issue.

    FEATURE: An exception to every Rule

    The finalization of the Volcker Rule has some bank-affiliated fund sponsors rethinking real estate investment strategies in order to comply, while others are continuing business as usual thanks to ambiguous exemptions. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue.

    ROUNDTABLE: A grand showcase

    Some firms are treating Europe’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive as a chance to show off their credentials, while others still are working out their response. PERE Magazine, February 2014 issue.


    Prologis responds to Roger Barris’ guest column in the December issue, which called into question the rush of opportunistic buyers to the warehouse sector. By Ali Nassiri, head of research and strategy, Prologis Europe