July / August 2013 Issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2013

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    SPECIAL REPORT: Sweet then sour

    When international investors were presented with plans for China’s biggest private real estate fund by entrepreneurs Kenneth Hung and Vincent Lo, they flocked to the vehicle in droves. Some haven’t touched Asian real estate since. PERE Magazine June 2013 issue.

    SPECIAL REPORT: Natural evolution

    The latest big real estate merger sees TIAA-CREF, the New York-based financial services group, and Henderson Global Investors agreeing to combine forces in Europe and Asia to create a new global platform. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue

    STATESIDE: Billion-dollar babies

    There haven’t been this many large funds in market since before the global financial crisis, and that says as much about general partners as it does investors. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue

    FEATURE: Cream of the crop

    Timber and farmland investments are better able to withstand downturns and are stronger performers than traditional real estate. PERE investigates why more investors aren’t committing capital to these asset classes. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue.

    FEATURE: Healthy alternatives

    Investors looking for yield and higher returns in the US are realizing that alternative real estate such as student housing, medical office and self-storage properties may be their best bet. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue.

    FEATURE: A game of operation

    Managers of alternative real estate assets in Europe are recognizing the need to supplement their real estate knowledge with operational expertise in order to make their investments work. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue.

    EUROZONE: Monkey in the middle

    Henderson Global Investors had the same affliction of being stuck in the middle as a mid-sized manager that requires a larger financial partner in order to grow. July August 2013 issue.

    FEATURE: Asia’s ‘double’ emerging market

    Although alternative real estate investment seems like additional risk for Asian strategies, certain fund managers actually are seeing the benefits of buying in markets with scant competition. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue.

    NORDICS ROUNDTABLE: Stock tactics

    There may have been rioting in Stockholm a few days before PERE arrived in the city, but it was business as usual for those engaged in real estate investing in the Nordics. PERE Magazine July/August 2013 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: The Google effect

    The ‘occupier’ was a main theme of the ninth annual PERE Summit in London, where Google’s Matt Brittin talked about the effect of the ‘asset-light’ generation. PERE Magazine JULY AUGUST 2013 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Out of Copenhagen

    Denmark’s largest private pension plan buys a €100 million secondaries portfolio as it rolls out a new international expansion program. PERE Magazine July August 2013 issue.

    EDITOR'S LETTER: The heat is on

    PERE magazine July August 20133 issue

    EUROPE NEWS: KKR makes European debut

    The New York-based private equity firm has been bidding on numerous assets in Europe and last month announced its first deal. PERE Magazine July August 2013 issue.

    BLUEPRINT: Upping its game

    Private equity giant TPG Capital has placed real estate among its top three strategies. Kelvin Davis, who oversees the firm’s real estate activities, explains the mission. PERE Magazine July, August 2013 issue.

    ASIAVIEW: International clearance

    Taiwanese insurers are more likely to buy international real estate than Japanese REITs, even though both are now permitted to do so. PERE Magazine July/August 2013 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Rise of the non-traditional buyer

    The real estate secondaries market has gotten more liquid as the pool of atypical buyers has gotten a lot bigger. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: The billion-dollar deal returns

    A series of recent deals in Manhattan suggest that investors once again are willing to pay top dollar. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Investing from down under

    Australia-based Queensland Investment Corporation has entered the US real estate market—and plans to grow its North American presence. PERE Magazine, July/August 2013 issue

    ASIA NEWS: Money where its mouth is

    The Blackstone Group has held the largest first close of a private equity real estate fund in Asia since the start of the financial crisis, just as it predicted. PERE Magazine July/August 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: An open and shut case

    PREI Asia is closing its Beijing office as part of a wider centralization initiative that will see strategic decisions about China made in Hong Kong. PERE Magazine July/August 2013 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: In the RMB groove

    A recent property sale by a dollar-denominated fund to a Chinese currency fund signals greater exit options for opportunistic players. PERE Magazine July/August 2013 issue.