November 2011 Issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2011

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    US ROUNDTABLE: In it for the long haul

    Recovery in the US real estate market may be plodding along, but opportunity abounds for those with patience and a willingness to see through temporary distractions.

    US NEWS: Rule of confusion

    The proposed Volcker rule has been unveiled for comment but, as it stands now, it’s creating more questions than answers. PERE Magazine, November 2011

    US NEWS: Globe trotting

    TPG’s newest real estate recruit is Bob Weaver, whose credentials as a global capital raiser point to the imminent launch of the firm’s first dedicated real estate fund, as well as its aspirations abroad. PERE Magazine, November 2011 issue

    US NEWS: Battalion of sorrows

    Although it has seen a number of success stories, including recently, the estate of Lehman Brothers is facing further trials with a couple of larger investments in its real estate portfolio. PERE Magazine, November 2011 issue

    The PERE Global Investor 30: 2011

    PERE’s first-ever ranking of the largest institutional real estate investors produces some surprises – not only in which ones made it, but which ones didn’t.


    Despite popular belief to the contrary, a new research study by Morningstar shows that investments in private equity-style real estate funds have not performed as well as those in public REITs. PERE Magazine, November 2011 issue

    IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK: Wire taps, break ins and capital gains

    The Watergate office building, synonymous with the infamous Nixon-era break-in, is about to change hands for the second time in six years. PERE Magazine, November 2011

    HOT STORY: The $8.5 trillion prize

    Private equity real estate managers are beginning to think about the shift from defined benefit to defined contribution pension plans in an effort to position themselves for a potential windfall. PERE Magazine 2011 issue.

    FEATURE: West not best

    A preference in Asia for domestic talent over expatriates is one of several key takeaways from PERE’s examination of recruitment and compensation in the private equity real estate sector. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    EUROZONE: A crawl to the finish

    Things have slowed significantly in European private equity real estate, but at least the big beast of Europe has an on-going reason to invest. PERE Magazine, November 2011 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Public face of success

    Goldman and Cerberus sold more shares in GSW last month, as the pair moved closer to a full exit. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Pre-pack Keith

    Breslauer’s Patron Capital acquired a portfolio of hotels out of administration last month (at the same time as he ascended Yosemite’s El Capitan. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Oligarch city

    A magnet for wealthy Russian, high-end residential developments in London have caught the eye of private equity firms. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: NAMA’s great sell-off

    How Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency is dealing with the €30.6 billion worth of loans linked to assets in the UK, Europe and the US. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    EDITOR'S LETTER: The safety car is out

    PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    BLUEPRINT: Rocket man

    Apollo's real estate arm, led by Joe Azrack, charts a new course in the wake of the global financial crisis and its acquisition of Citi Property Investors.

    ASIAVIEW: Core to the fore

    More core investment products are coming to Asia from managers well-known for higher risk strategies. PERE Magazine November issue 2011.

    ASIA NEWS: Tightening up

    AXA is back in the market with its Tokyo office fund, albeit with a few post-earthquake adjustments. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Open sesame

    Pramerica Real Estate Investors has devised a mechanism to keep managing its retail assets in Singapore beyond its original plan. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Flight of Fancy

    Once a rising star of private equity real estate in Asia, Morgan Stanley’s former regional head Zain Fancy is back in the market with a new firm. PERE Magazine November 2011 issue.