June 2011 Issue

    Month: June
    Year: 2011

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    US NEWS: Semper fidelis

    Come the end of June, the private equity real estate arm of Fidelity Investments finally will be its own separate entity. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    US NEWS: Jumpin’ Jack

    At the start of the year, LaSalle’s Jack Chandler was getting ready to step into a newly-formed CIO role with the Chicago-based firm. Then, in late April, New York investment management titan BlackRock came knocking. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    US NEWS: Back to basics

    Brookfield has kicked off one of the most significant real estate capital-raising efforts in years, targeting $4 billion from its return to the traditional fund market. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    UK ROUNDTABLE: Opportunity amid regulatory Armageddon

    The UK private equity real estate market is treading water amid a torrent of regulation capable of ‘destroying the industry’. Apart from that, opportunistic real estate investment in England is showing increasing signs of life. PERE Magazine June 2011 issue.

    SPECIAL REPORT: Blackstone goes walkabout

    Blackstone’s expected acquisition of Valad Property Group next month would be the New York giant’s first meaningful foray into Australian real estate. PERE Magazine June 2011 issue.

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Cracking the Brazil nut

    Brazil has become one of the most sought-after emerging market investment opportunities for international real estate investors. The question is whether return expectations are realistic amid increasing competition to deploy equity. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK: Centre of attention

    Centre Point, the famous London landmark, has been sold again to private equity-style investors. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    FEATURE: Super senior advice

    Grey hair, no hair, connected or just plain smart, senior specialist consultants are in demand by institutional investors. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    EUROZONE: Viva la diferencia!

    Spain’s adversity highlights the differences in Europe and helps explain why country- and region-specific funds have become more popular. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    EURO NEWS: Carlyle’s expanded focus

    The Carlyle Group’s head of UK acquisitions and current PERE Europe Industry Figure of the Year explains how the firm is widening into markets outside of the UK and France, as well as into alternative property types. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    EURO NEWS: Mezz kings of Europe

    Prudential has tested Europe’s appetite for mezzanine debt vehicles, raising the largest dedicated fund in the region so far. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    EURO NEWS: World’s local bank responds to global issue

    HSBC has completed the spinout of its infrastructure and real estate business in the face of regulatory changes. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    EDITOR'S LETTER: New frontiers

    PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    BLUEPRINT: The Texas way

    Armed with a 'premier list' of real estate fund managers with whom it will invest the bulk of its equity, the Teacher Retirement System of Texas is intent on setting its own agenda when it comes to deals. The pension’s private markets team, led by Steve LeBlanc, spoke to PERE about the premier list, their vision for the portfolio and how it could be even tougher to get through its doors in the future. PERE Magazine, June 2011 issue

    ASIAVIEW: A leap of faith

    Last month saw the spotlight fall on two firms with investment plans for West Africa. Despite promising economics and anecdotes, international investors still need faith that their exploits will yield success. PERE Magazine June 2011 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Three-way growth

    Hong Kong-based Arch Capital’s ownership structure now reflects ‘three corners of a triangle’, underlining its confidence to launch a bigger second fund. PERE Magazine June 2011 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Third time lucky

    With the merger between CBRE Investors and ING REIM just months away, the latter’s Asia platform is expected to bring its China fund back to market. PERE Magazine June 2011 issue

    ASIA NEWS: Rotation the fairest way

    Niel Thassim, head of Asia-Pacific at RREEF, explains what to do when clients’ investment criteria conflict. The firm’s procedure, however, is unlikely to be tested by last month’s $460m Samsung mandate. PERE Magazine June issue 2011.