November 2010 Issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2010

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    US ROUNDTABLE: Macro issues move to the fore

    Participants in PERE’s US roundtable have turned their attention to the economy when evaluating domestic opportunities. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Risks at the core

    US core has been dubbed more risky today than many value-added or opportunistic strategies. For some LPs though, life is too short to start climbing back up the risk spectrum. PERE magazine November 2010 issue

    IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK: Exorcising ghosts in the lion city

    As Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority receives bids from investors for the neo-classical Capitol Building and Capitol Theatre, PERE examines the light and dark periodsof its 80-year history. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    FEATURE: Slow and steady saves the value

    As CEO of Lehman Brothers, Bryan Marsal has sold some $2.2 billion in real estate, but invested some $1.5 billion to shore up key assets. People hoping for a fire sale have been sorely disappointed. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    FEATURE: Mixing public with private

    Rarely have fund of funds been used for investing in listed real estate shares alongside more traditional funds. While some multi-managers openly embrace the notion, others prefer to steer clear. PERE magazine November 2010 issue

    EUROZONE: Munich moves

    A flurry of corporate pronouncements in and around the EXPO REAL property show in Germany last month shows a changing landscape in European property fund management. PERE magazine, November 2010 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Watching ING

    With final bids for ING REIM due this month, the sale of the global property platform is being closely watched. PERE Magazine, November 2010 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Green peace

    In order to attract equity commitments from government-owned institutional investors, funds are going to have to get comfortable thinking like eco-warriors. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue

    EUROPE NEWS: Bank of Europe

    European banks are sitting on an estimated €1.2 trillion in real estate debt, including up to €700 million due to mature over the next three years. Situs director Nicolaus Harnack explains how they are dealing with these loans. PERE Magazine, November issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Aviva closes in on $500m fund

    The property manager of British insurer Aviva is near to a first close for a vehicle aimed at recapitalising property funds and buying LP interests. PERE Magazine Novemebr 2010.

    EUROPE NEWS: AXA’s opportunity man

    The French real estate investment manager says it is expanding its higher return business as it announces a new head of opportunity funds. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    EDITOR'S LETTER: Cycles of change

    The saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same” couldn’t be more appropriate for my first issue as senior editor of PERE.

    BLUEPRINT INTERVIEW: Crossing over from Lehman

    Brett Bossung and Mark Newman, formerly the global co-heads of Lehman Brothers’ Real Estate Private Equity business, discuss the spin out from Lehman, the formation of their new investment advisor — Silverpeak Real Estate Partners — and the rocky road they had to travel since Lehman’s collapse. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    ASIAVIEW: Nearly, nearly

    How the sale of an IT park in Mumbai could be just the medicine India’s exit-starved institutional market needs.PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Too much skin?

    Sydney fund manager LIDIS believes its dollar-for-dollar fundraising structure will entice institutions, as it has family offices and wealthy individuals.

    ASIA NEWS: More red tape

    Foreign direct investment in India just got harder after a new government ruling ushered in a three-year lock-in period. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Next on the block

    Indiareit reputedly is courting interest from potential buyers. PERE Magazine November issue 2010.

    ASIA NEWS: Asian relativity

    Underperformance works if it’s relatively more impressive than what’s happened elsewhere. Angelo, Gordon’s successful second fundraising is a testament to that. PERE Magazine November 2010 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: Resuscitating securitisation

    CMBS deals could double in volume next year, but will new regulations temper a recovery? PERE magazine November 2010 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: New line of attack

    LNR Property has launched a new real estate debt platform and fund, just months after a $400 million recapitalisation. PERE magazine November 2010 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Core comeback

    Goldman Sachs’ expansion into the core property sector is being seen as the firm’s rebirth into real estate. PERE magazine November 2010 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Going for gold

    Antarctica Capital launches US real estate arm to close $2.3bn purchase of 11 California state offices in JV with Hines. PERE magazine November 2010 issue

    AMERICAS NEWS: Hybrid growth

    Rockefeller Group is eyeing organic growth in the US with its first institutional fund and new offices. In Europe, though, it has just acquired an existing firm, Europa Capital. PERE magazine November 2010 issue