April 2010 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2010

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    MIPIM 2010: Sun, sea and serendipity

    Hear what winners of the 2009 PERE Awards said as they shared in their success on board the Serendipity Blue in Cannes harbour during the MIPIM week in March. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    NEWS ANALYSIS: The lost Citi

    Citigroup’s ambitions to compete in private equity real estate’s premier league have come to an end after just six years. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Should they stay or should they go

    In the debate about keeping carry-starved GP teams incentivised to stay another day, one question has yet to be answered: do you have to keep the whole team intact? PERE magazine April issue 2010

    FEATURE: Happy birthday PERE magazine

    This month, PERE celebrates its fifth anniversary. We present a selection of stories that appeared in issue 1, volume 1 – and they are as relevant today as they were in 2005. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    FEATURE: Capital building – tales from the fundraising trail

    Whether it’s down to a history of smart buys or smart sales, investors in 2009 looked to fund managers’ track record before committing to real estate vehicles. Jonathan Brasse, Zoe Hughes and Robin Marriott spoke to three GPs about their recent fund closes to discover the secrets of their success. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    EUROZONE: Mismatch in paradise

    The laid back town of Cannes didn’t fit well with wary investors and fund managers at MIPIM. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: PGGM’s €4bn monster fund of funds

    The Dutch fund manager has transferred the property fund interests of its main client, the pension scheme for Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn, to a fund of funds that smaller pension fund clients of PGGM can buy into. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    EUROPE NEWS: Europe’s most powerful LP

    Norway’s $300bn petroleum and government pension fund is in the process of appointing a head of real estate investments, who will target unlisted property funds as well as direct property and equities

    EUROPE NEWS: All right in Germany

    Reprieve for Goldman Sachs and RREEF as bondholders vote to extend a CMBS repayment schedule for their investment in German department store chain Arcandor. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    BLUEPRINT: Irreplaceable focus

    The co-founder of Dune Real Estate Partners and the man behind Goldman Sachs’ Whitehall funds has stuck to several core beliefs throughout his career: never follow the pack, know when you want to have made your money and ensure your assets are unique. As Zoe Hughes finds out, Daniel Neidich is simply irreplaceable. PERE magazine April issue 2010

    ASIAVIEW: Aligning the stars

    Will DTZ’s new real estate platform in the region teach older institutional-backed outfits a lesson in alignment by putting the onus for GP co-investment on its senior fund managers? PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Encouraging start-ups

    Franklin Templeton’s Glenn Uren wants talented executives from established platforms to form their own start-up businesses. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: DTZ’s Asian ambitions

    The London-based property services firm has appointed veteran David Schaefer to spearhead its investment management expansion plans. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    ASIA NEWS: Abu Dhabi’s task master

    ADIC’s outgoing real estate CIO, Mark Burton, is described by his peers as a no nonsense man. PERE caught up with him as he prepares for retirement. PERE Magazine, April 2010 issue.

    AMERICAS NEWS: The Morgan Stanley connection

    Three former Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing veterans – Sonny Kalsi, John Carrafiell and Fred Schmidt – are joining forces to create a real estate platform based in London, New York and Tokyo. PERE magazine April issue 2010

    AMERICAS NEWS: Silver lining

    With competition mounting for a portfolio of hotel loans seized from a failed Georgia bank, one family office says the way to FDIC success is through single-asset sales. PERE magazine April issue 2010

    AMERICAS NEWS: Bonus time

    To prevent GP teams from falling apart through a lack of carry, LPs and GPs should create a pool of capital to fund retention bonuses for staff. PERE magazine April issue 2010

    AMERICAS NEWS: Building blocks

    After a two year absence, GoldenTree InSite Partners has returned full force to the US market, targeting distressed land and condo deals. PERE magazine April issue 2010