May 2009 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2009

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    PERE magazine’s ranking of the 30 largest private equity real estate firms in the world.

    INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Replacing the agent

    PERE Magazine May 2009: The decision by New York State Common Retirement Fund to ban the use of all placement agents in future investment decisions could have serious ramifications – not for the industry, but for the pension itself. By Zoe Hughes

    FEATURE: Grappling for control

    As the balance of power pulls from GPs to LPs, there have been increasing calls by some investors for greater control over investments. Some have suggested moving away from commingled property funds. Zoe Hughes asks whether the traditional fund model is under threat from club deals, separate accounts and joint ventures. PERE Magazine May 2009 issue

    FEATURE: Filling the void

    As LPs call for greater control over their investments, some are moving into less traditional strategies, including debt origination. New York State Teachers' Retirement System plans to deploy $1bn in 2009 alone. PERE Magazine May 2009 issue

    EUROZONE: Placement agents deserve more credit

    PERE Magazine May 2009: As in the US, placement agents in Europe are feeling the heat. But they are needed now more than ever. By Robin Marriott

    EUROPE NEWS: Riding to the rescue

    PERE Magazine May 2009: New York-based AREA Property Partners has participated in the recapitalisation of a UK unlisted retail park fund, which was in danger of breaching banking covenants

    EUROPE NEWS: Fresh start for European fund of funds doyen

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Anders Âström, who launched the first ever European real estate fund of funds while at Aberdeen Property Investors has joined Credit Suisse in Zurich.

    EUROPE NEWS: Lone Star over UK

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Dallas-based Lone Star Funds is targeting Britain

    BLUEPRINT INTERVIEW: The relentless searcher

    PERE Magazine May 2009 Gary Garrabrant loves emerging markets. He also loves being early into a market. Since forming Equity International with Sam Zell in 1999, the chief executive officer has travelled the world in search of the next opportunity. As he tells Zoe Hughes, he has a ‘relentless’ personality.

    ASIA VIEW; Headless in Asia

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Why the disruptions at Merrill Lynch and Citi Property Investors present different concerns to LPs. By Jonathan Brasse

    ASIA NEWS: Merrill ever after?

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Merrill Lynch's Asia real estate fund management platform has entered a period of uncertainty following the resignation of its leader, the shelving of a second property fund and question marks arising over Merrill's first Asia vehicle.

    ASIA NEWS: Hong Kong traffic

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Placement agents MVision and Probitas Partners are planning to open up shop in Hong Kong in a bid to service the needs of existing clients and establish themselves among a throng of more than 20 LPs in the city

    ASIA NEWS: Citi's new direction

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Citi Property Investors is switching its modus operandi to asset management. The fallout: the departure of Asian head David Schaefer and the cancellation of the firm's second fund. By Jonathan Brasse

    AMERICAS NEWS: Keeping it in the family

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Andrew Kohlberg is furthering the family business by launching a $350m fund targeting senior living. By Zoe Hughes

    AMERICAS NEWS: Loan to own

    PERE Magazine May 2009: With the risk of defaults on commercial real estate mortgages rising, some firms are snapping up mezzanine debt pieces in an effort to be first in line when a foreclosure occurs

    AMERICAS NEWS: Changing of the guard

    PERE Magazine May 2009: JER Partners has had a volatile year to date. Not only did the firm lose its European chief Malcolm le May in February, but it has now lost its global chief operating officer Michael Pralle on top of news that its founder, Joseph Robert, is recovering from cancer

    DECONSTRUCTED: Bricks and stones

    PERE Magazine May 2009: Qatari Diar clashes with Prince Charles over building materials

    DECONSTRUCTED: easyEstate

    PERE Magazine May 2009: An airline and hotel entrepreneur now likes London property