DECONSTRUCTED: Best deal of his wife

It may be the most incredible discounted purchase ever. According to court records, former Lehman Brothers chief Richard Fuld late last year sold to his wife a seaside mansion on Jupiter Island, Florida, for a total of $10 (yes, that's ten dollars).

The price represents somewhat of a drop from the $13.75 million Fuld paid in 2004 for the property. The deal comes at an interesting time and in an interesting place. Fuld, of course, having steered Lehman into a dramatic bankruptcy last year, remains a target for punitive legislators representing an angry public. And Florida is known for its relatively lenient treatment of property in the case of bankruptcy. In other words, in many cases a bankrupt person is allowed to hold on to a property, regardless of the value.

It is unknown exactly what the Fulds' strategy was in transferring ownership, but it is guaranteed not to further endear the public to Wall Street titans.