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Primary properties 2008-05-01 Staff Writer <strong>Quotable</strong><br /> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>“[There are some] attractive investment opportunities for this capital.”</strong></td> <td><


“[There are some] attractive investment opportunities for this capital.” “How can I put this delicately? Derek has his own interests. He spends a good deal of time with this business, but between Ronan and myself there is a need for someone who is responsible for the business on a day to day basis.”
Blackstone senior managing director and co-head of real estate Jonathan Gray as he officially closed the largest real estate fund ever, BREP IX, on $10.9 billion. Olan Cremin, principal and chief executive officer of Quinlan Private, founded by Derek Quinlan, talking with chief financial officer Ronan O'Donoghue about the Dublin firm's ambition to become an institutional real estate manager, see p.26.
“We are an emerging market.” “Buy into fear and sell into greed has never been more appropriate.”
Russel Bernard of Westport Capital Partners speaking about the US, as viewed through its distressed opportunities. He was speaking at a private equity real estate workshop at PEI Media's Emerging Markets Private Equity Forum: New York conference. Tony Thompson, chairman and chief executive of the Irvine, California-based value-add, opportunistic asset manager Thompson National Properties launched last month.
“If debt securities are repricing in Armageddon then commercial real estate is pricing in six inches of snow.” “We are getting killed on the economy, we are getting killed in terms of public safety, we are obviously losing quality of life and the environment suffers because we are unwilling to invest. We suffer as a country.”
Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers speaking about the credit crisis and its impact on real estate at the Pension Real Estate Association spring conference in Boston. Governor Edward Rendell speaking at Terrapinn's infrastructure conference in New York as he called for more public-private partnerships.
“The first thing that strikes me is that they don't think of themselves as emerging anymore. These are pretty robust places.”
Fortress chief executive officer Wes Edens talking about emerging markets at the Pension Real Estate Association spring conference in Boston.