PODCAST: Why the future of private real estate is digital

Digital Colony's Marc Ganzi and National Real Estate Advisors' Jeff Kanne discuss the evolution of data center investment and how covid-19 boosts the sector.

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The covid-19 pandemic and ensuing social distancing measures have resulted in disruption on all fronts of the economy. With forced closures of office buildings, stores and restaurants, as well as clampdowns on travel, commercial real estate has been acutely affected.

During the past two months, work, shopping and people’s social lives have had to shift online. In doing so, this crisis has emphasized the importance of real estate assets that support the digital economy.

In this latest installment of Spotlight, we talk to Jeffrey Kanne, chief executive of National Real Estate Advisors, and Marc Ganzi, CEO of Digital Colony, about why digital real estate is a growing point of interest for institutional investors.

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