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 Q3 2015 Quarterly Review 150x

After a record-breaking quarter of fundraising, 2015 is on track to raise the highest amount of capital amongst all post-crisis years. In YTD 2015, a total of $107.7 billion was raised, representing the highest amount of capital raised in the first three quarters of any post-crisis year, due in large part to the $51.6 billion raised in Q3.

The Q3 2015 Fundraising Report, from PERE Research & Analytics, analyses the current state of the private real estate fundraising market and details the significant trends that have affected the market in the third quarter of 2015.

Furthermore, the report takes a look at the current private real estate funds in market by strategy, size and region and lists the top 10 private real estate funds currently on the road.

With a number of large fund closures occurring this past quarter, we took a deeper look at megafundraising and how the landscape has looked between the years.

The Investor Analysis section looks at LPs increasing their private real estate asset allocations, and making major moves in the sector. Our LP in Focus for the quarter is the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

For more information on any of the data that makes up this report, please contact Dan Gunner.


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