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THE 4 FOOD GROUPS 2006-02-01 Staff Writer <strong>RESIDENTIAL<br /> Shelter from the storm</strong><br /> New York City, given its space limitations, has always been home to interesting residential conversions. Over the past few years, everything from Catholic churches to abandoned
Gunz 'n Apollo 2006-02-01 Staff Writer How far has gentrification come in New York? A neighborhood once “shouted out” in a classic gangsta rap track is now the site of a major deal led by Apollo Real Estate Advisors (see p.14). Last month, the New York private investment biggie announced it would lead an inv
Maison de Donald 2006-02-01 Staff Writer At $125 million (€102 million), Donald Trump's estate, Maison de l'Amitie, on “Billionaire's Row” in Palm Beach, Florida is far and away the most expensive house for sale in the US, according to <italic>Ultimate Homes</italic> magazine. The list, which fea
Go west, young man 2006-02-01 Staff Writer The UK, as anyone in possession of an atlas cannot have failed to notice, is rather small compared to the US. One consequence: where the US has a handful of cities with populations of more than 5 million that serve as major regional centers, London goes pretty much
Ch?ch? changes 2006-02-01 Staff Writer Change, though it may be inevitable, is something few people feel comfortable accepting—which partially explains why almost every New Year's resolution ever made has inevitably failed.<br /> <br /> In an industry as dynamic as private equity real estate, h
Littlejohn & Co. has inked a deal to buy fuel transport company Kenan Advantage Group.
Texas Pacific Group is to sell the majority of its stake in the Italian bike firm to European private equity firm InvestIndustrial.
Crestview Partners, the new firm launched by Goldman Sachs veterans Barry Volpert and Thomas Murphy, has yet to formally announce a final close for its debut fund, but in statement announcing its first deal, the firm said it had amassed $1.4bn in commitments.
Flying nuns and fresh princes 2005-12-01 Staff Writer In the early 1920s, when Hollywood was still getting started in what writer Nick Toshes called “the dirty business of dreams,” movie studio tycoon Harry Cohn purchased a small studio situated on Sunset Boulevard, between Gower Street and Beachwood Drive.&
Keep on rockin' in the real estate world 2005-12-01 Staff Writer Over the past twelve months, it seems anybody that's anybody has jumped onto the real estate bandwagon. Celebrities like actor George Clooney to musicians like Madonna to reality show stars like Pamela Day, a contestant from the second season o

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