The UK private equity firm has formed its own hospital chain after acquiring nine properties.
Over the last few years, the European real estate market has seen a significant influx of Middle Eastern investment.
Develica hopes to build superior returns from the ground up, one brick at a time.
After the GoogleIPO, the search engine's employees are hungry for real estate.
Distressed players with real estate experience are looking to REITS as a new way to raise capital.
Real estate secondary specialist Liquid Realtyhas recently added two new professionals to its expanding roster.
Under Michael Profenius, the private equity giant now has 10 investment pros looking for property deals around the world.
Dutch real estate firm Westplan Investors has raised a $24 million fund focused on the Southeastern US.
As investment banks spin out their LBO units, what does the future hold for their captive private equity real estate arms?
Do it yourself 2005-09-01 Staff Writer One of my favorite bits of jargon in the financial world is “disintermediation”. Not only does it make its deliverer sound smart, it also tends to be used when someone is claiming to enjoy an advantage that runs exactly counter to the prevailing trends.<br /> <

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