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    Investment Consultants
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      4IP Management AG Fund of Funds Manager Zurich, Switzerland Ulrich Kaluscha

      Aberdeen Asset Management Asset Manager Aberdeen, United Kingdom Alex Barr

      Alistair Watson

      Adams Street Partners Fund of Funds Manager Chicago, United States Arnaud de Cremiers

      Ben Hart

      Advanced Capital Fund of Funds Manager Milan, Italy Andrea Mazzaferro

      Laura Piccinato

      AEW Asset Manager Boston, United States Alex Griffiths

      Ana Chew

      Aksia Investment Firm New York, United States James Kraft

      Jim Vos

      Alan Biller and Associates Investment Firm Menlo Park, United States Alan Biller

      Mark Keleher

      ALANTRA Fund of Funds Manager Madrid, Spain Andrew Collina

      Bruno Delgado

      Albacore Family Office Lugano, Switzerland Francesco Fabiani

      Roberto Tronci

      Alberta Investment Management Corporation Asset Manager Edmonton, Canada Ben Hawkins

      Colin Seto

      Albourne Partners Gatekeepers London, United Kingdom Clare Cotton

      Ghazi Al-Sanie

      Algonquin Advisors LLC Asset Manager Greenwich, United States C. Thayer Walker

      George Hubbard

      AlpInvest Partners Asset Manager Amsterdam, Netherlands Alexander Sprengers

      Aquila Chu

      ALPS Advisory (HK) Ltd. Asset Manager Central, Hong Kong Amy Ip

      Audrey Lo

      Altius Associates (a Pavilion company) Fund of Funds Manager London, United Kingdom Brad Young

      Chason Beggerow

      American Beacon Asset Manager Irving, United States Mac Owens

      Melinda Heika

      American Realty Advisors Independent Firm Glendale, United States Daniel Robinson

      Douglas Rush

      AMG Funds Investment Firm Greenwich, United States Donald Rumery

      Jeff Cerutti

      AndCo Consulting Gatekeepers Orlando, United States Bryan Bakardjiev

      Jeff Gabrione

      Angeles Investment Advisors Gatekeepers Santa Monica, United States Anna McGibbons

      Howard Perlow

      Arbour Partners Placement Agent London, United Kingdom Ian Milton

      James Newsome

      Ardstone Capital Asset Manager Dublin, Ireland Craig McDonald

      Donal O'Neill

      Argosy Capital Asset Manager Wayne, United States Bryan Antman

      Casey O’Rourke

      Arlington Partners Family Office Birmingham, United States Bill Levant

      Camilla Moss

      ASB Real Estate Investments Bank / Financial Services Bethesda, United States Aaron Duncan

      Brodie Ruland

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