INTERACTIVE: Thrivers and survivors

Which private equity real estate firms are best positioned to take advantage of the current real estate crisis? Have your say in PERE’s upcoming feature.

Navigating a real estate downturn takes a combination of skill, judgment and timing. It also demands a little bit of luck.

And as property professionals globally manoeuvre their way through the twists and turns of the current crisis, PERE is asking which private equity real estate firms will be best positioned to not only take advantage of the market dislocation – but to thrive on the opportunities at hand.

The September issue of PERE magazine will focus on the firms we believe will be among the strongest to not only survive, but thrive in the current climate – and we’d like your say.

Firms can be nominated for the strength of their strategy, geographic focus, size or because of the amount of dry powder they have to hand. All, though, should demonstrate an ability to revel in distress.

There have been many real estate downturns globally over the past three decades. From the US savings and loans crisis in the late 1980s, to the UK’s property crash and Japan’s lost decade in the early 1990s. Firms that thrived during these recessions included Goldman Sachs Real Estate Principal Investment Area, Colony Capital and JER Partners.

Who will thrive this time round? Email with your nominations.