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This time we want to interview you. Help us improve by filling out our user survey. What you say will mould what we provide for you going forward. is growing exponentially. In less than a year, we have added 10,000 additional registered users.
Naturally we are delighted with this achievement and, alongside PERE magazine which saw its subscriptions grow by an impressive 60 percent over the same period, we are keen to keep our expansion going.
But while your monthly usage of indicates to us you are enjoying our service – we recorded 35,921 site visits over the last month alone – we want to keep improving.
This is where you come in. We want to know how you feel about our market-intelligence service – our news, our online features, our commentaries, our use of the newswires, our online treatment of PERE magazine articles.
We also want to know if you want more and if so what you want more of. Perhaps you want more interactive items such as online opinion polls or networking capabilities? Or maybe you want more of a focus on multimedia content such as video and audio articles?
Likewise we need to know of any misconceptions about among our users. For instance, perhaps there is a suggestion that we favour one region over others (this is not true of course).
All we require from you is approximately five minutes of your time to respond to our quick user survey. We have just 18 questions for you to answer, and while that doesn’t seem like many, what you tell us will form an integral part of how we mould in the months and years to come.
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Jonathan Brasse, editor