DOWNLOAD: What investors really think about ESG

PERE's survey reveals institutional investors globally are committed to driving forward the ESG agenda in private real estate, but some sectors and regions are well ahead of others.

PERE’s first comprehensive survey on ESG in the world of private real estate investing yields compelling insight and much for contemplation.

On the whole, investors are being proactive on ESG: 95 percent of survey respondents report that it plays a role in their investment decision-making; 70 percent profess to having an explicit ESG policy in place within their own organizations; and 86 percent deem it important for the managers to which they allocate capital to evidence a clear ESG policy during due diligence.

But some red flags are revealed indicating the industry has work to do to ensure ESG is placed front and center of the investment agenda, as 57 percent of respondents will consider investing with a manager that does not have a defined ESG policy in place, and commitment to its principles differ by region and sector.

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