DOWNLOAD: How investors are adapting to today’s private real estate market

View our interactive presentation for more on how institutions are grappling with the top trends and challenges in the industry.

The past 12 months have served up an unhappy smörgåsbord of challenges for global institutional real estate investors to navigate. From a post-pandemic reassessment of global priorities to war in Europe, all underlined by a darkening economic outlook in light of rising inflation and interest rates, global investing conditions are – once again – less than ideal.

To understand how investors are grappling with the current challenges, our deep dive brings together a range of industry voices to gauge institutional sentiment on the biggest themes affecting the asset class right now.

While our analysis suggests that many investors are keeping a low profile before the storm breaks, there is much going on in the background to futureproof portfolios and prepare for calmer weather.

Subsectors that investors have not shied away from backing in the past year – including real estate credit, next-generation offices and ‘alternative’ properties – are set for a capital injection. Meanwhile, conversations around sustainability have reached fever pitch; managers still have plenty of work to do to align operations with investors’ emissions goals.

For more on these themes, view our presentation and the stories linked within.

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