Corkin to retire from AEW

The firm’s head of investor relations will be leaving at year-end after 30 years with the Boston-based real estate investment manager.

AEW Capital Management has announced that Steve Corkin, managing director and head of investor relations, will be retiring on December 31 after 30 years with the Boston-based real estate investment management firm.
“Reflecting on my career, we’re now in the strongest position we’ve ever been in the last 30 years, both as a firm and as an investor relations team,” Corkin said in an interview with PERE. “It seems like a time when I can leave and leave behind a strong company and strong team that we worked so hard to build.”
For the remainder of the year, Corkin will be transitioning his responsibilities to AEW’s senior investor relations staff – Jay Struzziery, Candida Hoeberichts and Emily Margolis. Corkin noted that AEW does not plan to fill his position immediately. Instead, the team will work together over the next six months to manage the transfer of Corkin’s client relationships, and the firm will evaluate options for filling the position in the future.
Corkin, who has been with AEW since 1984, has held his current position for more than 20 years. Upon his retirement, Corkin will take on a new role as senior advisor to AEW to assist with projects and consult on strategic issues. Although the specifics of the role are to be determined, he noted the position also might include mentoring people within the firm.
“His contributions to our success are too numerous to count,” said AEW chief executive Jeffrey Furber in a statement. “He has led us all by example through his sound judgment, his quick wit and his immeasurable commitment to the clients and people of AEW.”
“The culture at AEW is so special, and that’s probably what I take the most pride in. It’s what allows me to leave after 30 years and feel good about my time,” Corkin told PERE. “It’s a culture of cooperation, collaboration and information sharing. It is an exceptional place to work, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to play a significant role in the firm.”