Chart of the Week: Q1 Fundraising 2008-2014

Fundraising reached a post-crisis high in 2014

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With the end of the first quarter of 2015, PERE Research & Analytics decided to take a deeper look into fundraising for the first quarter throughout the years. The data reveals that, between 2008 and 2014, a total of $108.41 billion was raised in the first quarter of each year. Fundraising in Q1 grew consistently, hitting a post-crisis high of $31.4 billion in 2014. This represents a growth of: 374 percent from 2010, 219 percent from 2011, 152 percent from 2012 and 53 percent from 2013. Opportunistic funds make the majority of fundraising for the time period, accounting for 33 percent of the total. However, in Q1 2014, debt funds raised the most capital with an aggregate of $10.6 billion or 34 percent. The largest debt fund as well as largest fund raised in Q1 2014 was the PIMCO BRAVO Fund II which raised $5.5 billion.

With a Q1 post-crisis high in 2014, Q1 2015 is anticipated to continue the same upward trend. Q1 2015 is anticipated to raise over $35 billion due in large part to the close of the mega fund, Blackstone Real Estate Partners (BREP) VIII. The fund, which raised $15.8 billion, is expected to be approximately 70 percent allocated to the US, 10 percent to Asia, 10 percent to 15 percent in Europe, with the remaining capital in Latin America.