Chart of the Week: Investors in North American private real estate by region

 Where North American GPs can look for overseas investors  


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At the end of 2013, PERE Research & Analytics had profiled over 2,300 LPs investing in private equity real estate funds. Using this comprehensive data, we were able to take a snapshot of the overall LP community in each region of the globe.

Although North American focused funds raised a whopping $32.5 billion in 2013, many investors outside the US and Canada have yet to invest in the region.  Less than a third of these profiled investors have invested in North American private real estate.

Latin American LPs and LPs in Central and Eastern Europe have been the most hesitant to invest in private real estate in North America. This could be due to regulatory hurdles as well as the desire to invest with local managers.

LPs in the Middle East and Africa have been most open to investing in North American real estate, followed by LPs in Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region. In one recent related development, CBRE Global Investors secured a $200 million discretionary mandate from Asian insurers to invest in real estate in the US and Europe. PERE Research & Analytics profiles 33 Asian insurance companies including Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance, and Sumitomo Life Insurance.