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Chart of the Week: Increasing Allocations in the Emerging Markets

The PERE Investor Sentiment Survey shows investors in the emerging markets increasing their allocations to private real estate in 2014  



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In the PERE Investor Sentiment Survey, PERE Research & Analytics asked investors if they planned to increase, decrease, or maintain their current allocation to private equity real estate in 2014. In North America and Europe, most investors stated they plan to leave their allocation to private real estate unchanged. Of the investors in North America, only 34% planned on increasing their allocation to the sector and in Europe, only 28% planned to increase their allocation.


Contrastingly, in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, 62% of investors planned to increase their allocation to private real estate in 2014. Additionally, none of these investors planned to decrease their allocation in the sector, demonstrating their confidence in the asset class.