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Chart of the Week: Funds in market

North America has the largest increase of funds in market with Asia-Pacific coming in second

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PERE Research & Analytics can reveal that at the end of Q3 2013, 605 funds were in market or coming to market globally. Since the first quarter of 2013 the number of funds in market has steadily increased from 529, to 584, to finally 605. Geographically, the largest increase has been for North America focused funds with an addition of 47 funds. This was followed by an increase of 13 funds for Asia-Pacific focused funds, an increase of seven funds for European focused funds, and an increase of six funds for Latin America focused funds. Global funds and Middle East/Africa focused funds experienced the smallest change, with an increase of one and two funds, respectively.

From here, it is clear that, after North America, the Asia-Pacific region has garnered the most interest from private equity real estate fund managers. In Q4 2013, investors have followed in suit, with China-focused Gaw Capital hitting the $1 billion hard cap for its fourth fund, and Japan-focused Secured Capital closing its fifth fund with 150% more commitments than its original target of $1 billion.