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Chart of the Week: Capital raised by core/core plus strategies

 Core funds have the strongest showing in Europe  


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 At year end, PERE Research & Analytics found that a total of $11.5 billion was raised by 38 core and core plus funds closed in 2013. While this only accounted for 11% of the total capital raised in 2013, in some regions, core strategies played a larger role. Almost a quarter of the capital raised in Europe was for core strategies, and the region accounted for the largest amount of capital raised for core vehicles on a global basis. Although appetite for value added and opportunistic vehicles has been picking up for European focused funds, core funds still play an important part in the private real estate market in the region.

A few Europe focused core/core plus vehicles that were raised in 2013 include Prologis European Logistics Partners managed by ProLogis, the East Capital Baltic Property Fund II managed by East Capital, and Kinderwelten I managed by AviaRent.