Chart of the Week: 2015 PERE 50 – Capital Raised by Firms by Region

North American managers overtake the top 50

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This May, PERE published the 2015 PERE 50, a ranking of the total amount of direct investment capital raised for dedicated private equity real estate funds over a rolling five-year period. This year, the top 50 firms raised on aggregate $223.9 billion between 1 January 2010 and 27 March 2015, a boost of 27 percent from last year when the top 50 firms raised a total of $176.5 billion between 2009 and March 2014.

Geographically, North American firms account for the majority of capital raised from the top 50 firms, with 44 firms accounting for roughly 92 percent of total capital. Compared to last year’s demographics, this growth shows that North American GPs are on the rise, with a jump of six percent. More specifically in North American fundraising, New York-based managers account for both the majority of capital in the region as well as for the top 50 firms. The 16 firms that are based in New York raised an aggregate of $94.4 billion or 42 percent of total capital in the region. The Blackstone Group accounts for a majority of New York-based fundraising at 49 percent. Even if we excluded the Blackstone Group, New York overshadow the next state by 66 percent or by $19.1 billion.