Catella enters real estate investment management arena

The Stockholm-based financial advisory firm has appointed its banking head to lead Catella Property Investment Management, its first foray into real estate investment management business.

Catella, the Stockholm-based financial advisory and asset management firm, has formed a property investment management business.

The current acting head of Catella’s banking operations, Timo Nurminen, has been appointed to lead the new business area with Andreas Kneip and Francois Brisset. Kneip is the founder of Catella’s German property fund operations and Brisset is the co-founder of the firm’s French property asset management business.

Nurminen will formally leave his current position as chief executive of Catella Bank on September 1, 2015. Meanwhile, a new head of the banking operations has been recruited.

“I’m very pleased to be able to present the operational management for the business area. All three of them possess long and broad experience within asset management and fund management in the property sector, commented Knut Pedersen, president and chief executive of Catella.

“I have great confidence in these strong individuals and I know that they possess the leadership qualities required to further develop the offering, generate growth and facilitate synergies with other operations within Catella.”

Catella is an independent European asset management group that specializes in asset management and corporate finance. In addition to the newly-created investment management arm Catella has the following businesses: Catella Corporate Finance, Catella Property, Catella Real Estate AG Kapitalanlagegesellschaft and Amplion Asset Management.