APREA offers membership to pension funds

The Asian Public Real Estate Association has expanded its network to include pension funds after requests by the investor pool to be included.

The Asian Public Real Estate Association is to add pension funds to its ranks joining its current membership of listed and non-listed real estate professionals.

The Singapore-based representative body was originally formed to represent the listed real estate sector in Asia Pacific but branched out to include non-listed organizations including private fund managers.

According to chief executive officer, Peter Mitchell, APREA has been asked by pension funds to form a new membership category to enable them to take part in its conference programme and gain access to its research initiatives.

In response APREA said it had formed a new membership category specifically for pension funds. There are some qualifying requirements, for example the pension fund must have been launched to meet pension plan requirements.

Mitchell told PERE: “Pension funds have been telling us they would like to be part of APREA for a few reasons – the network, participation in our annual Forum and desire to meet with their peers in a regular major Asian forum context, participation in our regulatory advocacy programs and, finally, participation in other events and our research programs.”

He added: “They have been accommodated previously through things such as, to a degree, the one-on-one program at our annual Forum, invitations to other APREA events and, in some cases in recent times, inclusion in our research program committee activities.”