ADIC to launch international real estate fund

The Abu Dhabi Investment Company, whose real estate arm focuses on mixed-use developments in the MENA region, believes there is a 'window of opportunity' amid declining values.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Company (ADIC) will launch an international real estate fund shortly.

Samir Assaad, head of private equity at ADIC, told Reuters that ADIC will invest in the Middle East and North Africa region and is currently in discussions with family businesses seeking to divest and reallocate some of their holdings, the report noted.

He added that banks were still prepared to lend to firms in the region on deals of up to $250 million.

“The next two years will provide a fantastic time for private equity, a window of opportunity that you will not see in a few years to come,” said Samman in the report. He added that declining valuations would continue for some time as managers rebalance their portfolios and adapt to the realities of current markets. 

ADIC’s real estate arm focuses on mixed-used developments across the MENA region, according to its website.

Samaan, formerly Kuwait-based NBK Capital’s head of private equity, joined ADIC this March.