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Investment, Development and Law in Emerging Markets

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Publication date:
01 October 2010
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Real Estate Investment, Development & Law in Emerging Markets will keep those who practice international law and real estate in developing economies and emerging markets out of trouble and will help direct them on the road to success. 

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By Gary S. Lachman

International real estate lawyer and academic.Former international real estate portfolio manager and leader of the New Embassies and Consulates Group at the US Department of State.


The ultimate international real estate guide

Every time a new real estate portfolio manager was brought on board at the Office of Overseas Buildings Operations at the US Department of State when the author of Emerging Markets Real Estate Law & Investment worked there, educating new recruits on international real estate was like reinventing the wheel. After all, it's not like there are many real estate professionals looking for a job who can meet the rigid security-clearance requirements in government and also come equipped with substantial experience of dealing in real estate markets such as Brazil, Croatia, Panama and Romania.

It became very clear that an incisive manual about how to conduct business outside of North America and Western Europe was desperately needed for an international operation such as this.

Whether it's choosing a local partner, not offending a counterpart at the negotiation table, avoiding violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), identifying ways of financing esoteric projects or making the decision to be your own general contractor, this book will shed light on those topics in the context of a broad range of emerging economies.

Taking an American or British real estate lawyer and sending him or her to an unfamiliar market such as Mumbai, Quito, or Istanbul would leave them overwhelmed by the smells, sounds, technical challenges, apparent pandemonium and unknown strategies surrounding them. This book is the 21st century edition every legal warrior must have.

Real Estate Investment, Development & Law in Emerging Markets combines on-the-ground experiences, current factual information and advice often learned the hard way, to deliver the ultimate international real estate guide to meet the high demand of market practitioners requiring first-hand practical advice. 

This volume covers a range of topical areas including: 
  • Reasons for investing or developing in emerging markets
  • How to develop real estate in emerging markets
  • Structuring an entity
  • The acquisition of property
  • Legal issues in a number of countries
  • Shari’ah compliant investments
  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Ethical issues
  • Tax issues
  • Insurance issues

Who is this book for?


This book is tailored to meet the very demanding needs of real estate portfolio managers at foreign ministries, bankers, investors and developers. It is ideal for those who practice or are looking to practice international law and real estate in developing economies and emerging markets. Anyone interested in or looking to practice in the following markets will also find this of interest: Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde islands, Costa Rica, Panama, China, Croatia, Greece, The Philippines, Romania, Thailand, and Turkey.

This title is also suitable for academics and graduate students and a special academic price is available. Please call our customer services team on +44 (0)20 7566 5444